Super Jack

Phone Number : 0428830923

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It’s been so much fun but the kids are grown and I have too many pets to look after! This is Haiwaiki Jasper (known around here as Dougie) approx 10 hands high, an Irish donkey with style, was shown by previous owner. Born 28/1/2015, registered with ADSA. The perfect gentleman (but NOT a pet as he does love his ladies 💕 ) easy to trim, handle and groom – he does not like dogs but ignores ours if they are on the other side of the fence. He has great neat hooves and keeps trim running around the hill keeping an eye on his jennies. Has given us 3 gorgeous foals in 3 years (and there would have been more if he had his way) 2 with his broken colour. Available to approved donkey family only, his new family must have experience with equine/donkey maintenance, including knowledge of their local vet and farrier. Dougie lives in North Central Vic (that’s why he looks so wet in this photo -there have been flooding rains) taken this morning. A sad sale for our family but Dougie has lots of love to give! $3300 Please text only 0428830923 (3rd photo was at a show approx 5 years ago when he was clean!) oh and he just loves pears!