Donkeys and mules come in many different sizes, colours and origins and one of the reasons for having a registration record of the animals is to identify these differences and origins.

It is important to keep a record of what types we have here in Australia. In recent years we have seen the importation of different breed types: Mammoth, Irish, English and Miniature, to name a few. We also have many “teamster” or “bush” donkeys that were the backbone of our rural societies in days gone by.

To be able to identify these animals and keep an accurate record, we need to maintain a registration system. The Affiliated Donkey Societies of Australia (ADSA) registration system is a relatively cheap way to keep these records for today and into the future.

The donkey or mule needs to be permanently identified; this could be a brand, or more popular these days is a microchip. Microchipping is a simple process that can be done by your vet.  

A registered donkey or mule with identification, has it’s ownership details, parentage, breeder and current whereabouts recorded on the ADSA database. When a donkey/mule is sold, and the transfer details are entered into the records, we can track the animal through it’s life.

  • Registration is a tool that allows breeders to have a better degree of knowledge and expectation regarding their donkey or mule’s type and expected size.
  • Registration helps prevent inbreeding, as it allows a process where a pedigree can be easily passed on if the donkey changes hands.
  • Registration allows breeders to trace the bloodlines making it easier to develop desirable characteristics and eliminate undesirable traits.
  • Registration means donkeys/mules have an identifying brand or microchip – a welfare consideration that lasts the lifespan of the Donkey.
  • Registration is a way to provide independent proof of ownership in case of an animal being stolen or lost, particularly during natural disasters such as fire and floods.

Members of the Donkey Society of Victoria are able to register their donkeys through the National Register managed by the Affiliated Donkey Societies of Australia.


Follow the link below to download a PDF file for more information on the current Regulations for the Registration and Transfer of Donkeys and Hybrids.


Regulations For Registration and Transfer of Donkeys and Hybrids    

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