Frank and Sisco

Phone Number : 0407797037

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Sadly we are looking for a new home for these 2 sweeties, as we are moving to a small block. Franki (jenny) and Sisco (gelding) are half brother and sister and both 75% AMM. They were born here with us 4 years ago, and we’ve kept them as our beloved pets. They are very close and would love to go together, but if going to separate homes they must be with other donkeys. Franki is about 31inch and Sisco is about 34inch, but I haven’t officially measured them. They are both well handled and super easy to do anything with. Franki is a sassy little thing who is inquisitive and enjoys being near you and where the action is. She prefers not too many cuddles, but loves children. Sisco would just love to be cuddled and brushed all day long, he is such a sweet boy. Looking for the best of donkey homes only. $2000 Sisco, $4000 Franki