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5 year old Jenny Australian Donkey

Pearl is a project jenny as she requires experience handling of her feet,when being trimmed and more floating. Great to halter and walk out. Pearl loves scratches and attention. She has shown some jealousy behaviors towards her paddock mate donkey- little Monty.
Pearl has buddied up more with a Shetland. She was purchased from Ballarat area in 2016.
She can be flighty, been on a float once and can be bossy so requires training. Experienced donkey person only.


Located near Sale, East Gippsland

Any inquiries, please request owners details via

Hawaiki Bobby Sox

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Very handsome, 11hh black gelding mule with 4 white socks and a small white star. Comes when called, loves a cuddle, inquisitive about anything you’re doing. Beautiful movement, floats easily, leads well from a cart, and high-line tethers when camping. DOB 6/2/2015. Bobby is gorgeous and lively, but will take advantage of anyone inexperienced with equines and is not a child’s pet, so only to a suitable home with equine company. Can arrange a second smaller gelding mule on free lease as his company if required – watch them play! Teeth, feet, worming, vaccinations and registration with ADSA all up to date. DABSA registered too.

Located in South Gippsland, VIC

$1100 negotiable. Contact Fiona on ph 0447 343 665 or email

Donkeys Available

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American Miniature Mediterranean and English/Irish geldings, jennies and jacks now available due to drought. Registered, vaccinated, well handled, friendly donkeys looking for loving homes

Contact Joan Young 0402 200 350 or Email
Bellmount Forest, NSW

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