The Donkey Society of Victoria is committed to improving the welfare of donkeys and donkey hybrids. This is done in several ways:

  1. Providing care and welfare advice to DSV members and the public (in person, over the phone, via the website, via Facebook and via the periodical “Brayings”;
  2. Assisting owners in rehoming unwanted donkeys and hybrids to suitable homes;
  3. Advocating on donkey and hybrid welfare issues; and
  4. Assisting in the rescue and rehabilitation of donkeys and hybrids that have been abandoned, mistreated, abused or neglected.

If you have a welfare concern please contact us via email to or call Chase on 0411 335738.

Whilst the DSV is proud to be involved in the rescue and rehoming of donkeys and hybrids we do not run a sanctuary. Occasionally donkeys are surrendered to the society and these are rehabilitated and sold to suitable homes to attempt to recoup expenses. We also do not purchase donkeys. We do not foster or adopt out donkeys.

If you would like to make a donation to our Donkey Welfare Fund please send us an email All donations would be very welcome