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Officers of the Society

President: Benjamin Harris 0439 389 843

Vice President: Leanne Davey

Secretary: Ruth Walker Ph: 0409 606 306

Treasurer: Chase Day 

Ordinary Committe: Helen Robertson, Leanne Christie and Peter McNab

To contact any of the above, email:
Your message will be forwarded to the desired officer.

Life Members  

Jo Bond, Leanne Davey, Clare Davis, Pam Newton, Pat Streefkerk, Barbara Taylor and Ruth Walker

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The Affiliated Donkey Societies of Australia:  

The Affiliated Donkey Societies of Australia is the national body representing the various state based donkey and mule societies.

Two of the main functions are to compile and publish the Donkey Digest and maintain the donkey registration system.

There is no donkey society in Tasmania and the NSW society has now disbanded. Donkey owners in those states are welcome to join the Donkey Society Of Victoria.

The links below go to websites established by the other affiliated societies.

To add your link send an email to:

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