The Donkey Society of Victoria (DSV) was formed in 1972 by a small group of donkey enthusiasts, and over the last 30 years the society has grown to become one of the biggest and most recognised donkey societies in Australia. 

Members of the Society range from people who enjoy involvement in the many activities the society offers, to others who are mostly interested in the newsletters and information about donkeys. Some don’t even own a donkey! In fact, the only criteria for membership is to be someone who loves donkeys or mules.

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We are proud to announce our first online Zoom seminar for DSV members featuring Cynthia Fisher of Fisher’s Mustangs (https://www.facebook.com/fromwildtowilling09/)

Cynthia is very experienced with working with wild caught BLM burros in the USA, and we look forward to learning about her insights into the mind of the unhandled donkey.

This Zoom Seminar is available for financial members of the Donkey Society of Victoria and is free to attend. Only DSV members will be able to have direct access to the questions / answer session but the meeting will be live streamed on the DSV Facebook page for those that can’t make the meeting and for non members 

The seminar will be held on Sunday November 15th at 12 noon (AEST).  Details on how to join the Zoom seminar will be sent to DSV members via email. 

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If you love donkeys or mules and would like to join a community of like minded people who have an interest and passion for our four-legged friends why not come and join us.

Membership includes two high quality quarterly magazines with amazing stories, photos and information about donkeys and hybrids, Member exclusive events and shows, donkey registration via ADSA and much more.

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